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SEO Dallas Texas: When Yellow Pages Fade To Black

SEO Dallas Texas Case Study

His twenty-three-year-run of productive leads from Yellow Pages print advertising trickled agonizingly to an end. SWBell then designed a website to deliver clients for his practice  – which failed to do so. Slightly panicked, the North Texas marriage counselor then contacted me.


An SEO Dallas Texas Local Audit was performed which evaluated the website’s traffic, keyword choices, in-bound links and the site structure. The SEO Dallas audit pinpointed On-page keyword optimization and lack of relevant In-bound Links as the site’s major issues.

Mindful of budget, and needing to ramp-up web lead flow without delay, I retained the SBC hosting and Bell’s graphics design.  However, the unproductive “used-car-sales”-style content pointed out by the SEO Dallas Texas Audit had to go! All the website content was completely replaced with accurate, comforting, professional, and most important, keyword optimized copy.

The new website body text was crafted so that website visitors were motivated to immediately call. My locally focused SEO Dallas Texas Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provided targeted traffic that turned this modest Southwestern-Bell-template-site into a marketing star!

Within a month the client [

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Pegasus Soars Again

During my stint as a broadcast TV editor I did a feature on the DALLAS SOARS! PEGASUS Project. This fund-raising effort for charity auctioned artist-decorated statues of the city’s mascot – the mythical flying horse PEGASUS.


Over one hundred fiberglass statues-in-white, and a single red pegaso for Peter Max, were decorated by artists sponsored by Dallas businesses and philanthropists. These were to be displayed as street art in various locations around the city.

I always felt that the unadorned white statues were far more attractive than any of the “finished” products. Years later I met Ken Robison, the Texas sculptor who created [Read more →]

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Anti Aging Doctor


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Leading With Video


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Wellness Does Well


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